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According to the concept of JSC “Rechitskiy textile” perspective development for 2016 – 2020 investment project “Fabrics finishing” is provided to carry out in 2017 – 2018.

1. “Fabrics finishing” the town of Rechitsa

It envisages the introduction of new technological processes "Dyeing of fabrics", "stabilization" which will provide:

- producing high-quality new products through the use of new raw materials (PVA yarn and others), which require dyeing fabric;

- getting single-colour products for special orders of corporate clients and hotel business complexes;

- enduring finished products compliance with EU standards to the parameters of shrinkage, water absorption;

- cost reduction in producing single-colour products by using a more economical process in fabrics dyeing;

- softening finished terry products.

The total cost of the project is 2.05 million USA dollars, including equipment cost which is 1.45 million USA dollars.

Type of investment:

- organization of a joint enterprise for the production and sale of finished products;

- commercial loan, leasing.

Project implementation period: 2 years (2016 – 2017)

Payback period: 5 years

Updated: March 18, 2016


 Property   for sale 

During the implementation of measures, concerning the involving of properties   (that are released from production activity of the enterprise in 2015) in productive use, JSC “Rechitsa Textile” offers you to consider the possibility of purchasing the buildings and constructions located at different production sites of the enterprise: 


 1. A complex of buildings and structures of  the production buildings №1 in Vetka:
             - the total area of the buildings is 3.697.4 sq.m;
             - the total land area  is  2.0517 ha, including asphalt covering (4.6 thousand sq. m.), with the  following infrastructure: water, gas, electricity,   sewage system, heating;
            - the estimated cost – 1.137.000 BYR.
The division of the group into 3 separate lots is possible.   

2.  A complex of buildings and structures in branch №2 in Korma:

             - the total area of buildings is 4 300 sq.m;

             - the total land area is 0.9 hectares with the infrastructure: water, gas, electricity, sewage system, heating;

             - the estimated cost is 6.648.700 BYR.

 The division of the group into separate lots is possible.   

3. A group of separate buildings at the head office in Rechitsa:

             - The total area of buildings is 1.352.2 sq.m;

             - The total land area is 0.7 hectares with the infrastructure: water, gas, electricity, sewage, heating;

             - The estimated cost of – 2.527.500 BYR.

 For more information, please, contact:


Deputy Chief Engineer for investment and construction - Kashansky Victor.


tel.        + 375 2340 71449


tel. (mob) + 375 29 6730216 


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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